Titans Junior Clinic Terms and Conditions

a) I understand that the Participant cannot participate in Coaching Clinic until this online form has been completed and submitted and has then been accepted by the Gold Coast Titans.

b) I understand and acknowledge that Coaching Clinic involves strenuous physical activity and any physical activity can cause injury.

c) I understand and acknowledge that injuries or even serious injury may result from sports activities and in particular this event and are not covered by the Gold Coast Titans’ insurance arrangements.

d) I understand that the responsibility for all risks arising from the Participant’s participation in Coaching Clinic is placed solely upon the Participant and parent/guardian.

e) I release and will release the Gold Coast Titans from all claims that I or the Participant may have or may have had but for this release arising from or in connection the Participant’s participation in the Coaching Clinic.

f) I indemnify and will keep indemnified the Gold Coast Titans its agents and employees in respect of any Claim by any entity or person arising because of or in connection the Participant’s participation in the event/activity.

g) I understand that submitting this form constitutes, in so far as the law allows, a complete and unconditional release of all liability of the Gold Coast Titans including all its related entities and promotional groups in the event of me or the Participant, suffering injury or death.

h) I consent to and understand that photographs may be taken of the Participant participating in certain activities related to the Coaching Clinic and such photographs may be used for promotional purposes.

i) I understand the Gold Coast Titans have the discretion to accept or reject Participants and proposed activities to be undertaken as part of Coaching Clinic.

j) I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to ensure the participant is wearing appropriate footwear and clothing, and that I am responsible for alerting the Gold Coast Titans in writing of any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries prior to the Coaching Clinic commencing.

k) I am aware that my details will be held by both the Gold Coast Titans and Play NRL as the event organisers.