Membership FAQs:

How do I sign-up for a 2019 membership?

2019 Gold Coast Titans membership can be purchased two ways:

  1. Online – visit and following the prompts or;
  2. By contacting the Gold Coast Titans Membership team
N.B. You will require a valid email address to purchase online. A help service for online questions is available to members by contacting the Membership Department on (07) 5656 5656.

How do I arrange to sit with my friends/family that are already members?

If members wish to sit together, but pay separately for their seats, they can request a seating link. New members wishing to sit together must return their forms to the Membership Department stapled together. This can also be arranged by contacting the membership department or online (if there are free seats available next to them).

HOW DO I Upgrade/change my current membership package?

If you want to upgrade or change your membership to a different package you can do it one of two ways:

1. Online - by visiting and clicking 'JOIN NOW' on the package you wish to upgrade/change to and following the prompts to sign-up. Please note, after you finish you would need to contact the Membership Department to ensure your previous membership doesn't rollover. OR, you can upgrade change by;
2. Contacting the membership department directly on or (07) 5656 5656 and we can facilitate a change that works best for you!

For 'Magic Round' in Round 9, does my membership include tickets to titans vs Sharks at Suncorp Stadium?

No. Full Season memberships have been priced for the 11 'home' games at Cbus Super Stadium only. Despite the Titans vs Sharks game being classed as a 'home game', this is an NRL event for the whole of the round and we could not expect all of our Full Season members to be able to attend the game at Suncorp on May 9, 2018. If you are a multi/single game member (4-Game, Flexi, Club, Away or Supporter) you will not be able to redeem your ticket(s) to this match as your entitlement is only for home games at Cbus.

HOW DO I change my seats from last season?

If you want change the seats from the previous season, please follow the above 'UPGRADE/CHANGE' process in order to arrange different seats. Renewed members will also be able to change their seats in the 'Seat-Change Window' (opening on October 23) where you will be able to move your seats online through your MyTitans account.

This process will be communicated to members via email upon commencement of the 'window' and the process will be dependent on a member's consecutive tenure with the club (i.e. 1st year, Bronze, Silver and Gold) with Gold loyalty members having the first opportunity to change their seats (form Oct 23).

How do I apply for disabled seating?

Members with a disability requiring consideration for special needs seating should include their specific seating requirements with their application form or contact the membership department for the required arrangements to be made regarding seating. This should include the need for wheelchair seating and if required, a carer seat located adjacent to the person with the disability. Limited disabled parking is available. For information on disabled parking please visit 

How old do you have to be to be classed as a 'junior'?

To be eligible for a 'junior' membership the applicant must be 17 years (or younger) as at 10 March 2019. As a result, if you are looking to sign-up for a 'family of 2' membership (1 adult, 1 junior) you can utilise our 'family' options with our Full Season or 4-Game memberships if the 'junior' meets this age bracket.

If the Titans host a regional game in 2019, will my membership include tickets?

No. 2019 seasonal membership prices have been priced to reflect 11 home matches. If the Titans have another regional home match in season 2019, all members will receive an exclusive window in which they can purchase ticketing to the regional match before they go on-sale to the general public. 

As soon as the season 2019 draw is released, we will know if the Titans are playing another regional match.

Are any special NRL events (like a the 'magic round') included in my membership?

No. The Gold Coast Titans will not receive any immediate ticketing entitlements for members due to the event being held by the NRL. 

Are there any member-only trips for the 2019 season?

As soon as the 2019 season draw is released we will look at the opportunity to host Member Only Trips.

In season 2018, we hosted 3 Member Only Trips* to:

  • Toowoomba Sports Ground for Round 3 Titans v Dragons
  • Suncorp Stadium for the Round 4 Titans v Broncos local derby
  • Suncorp Stadium for the Round 10 Titans v Storm and Manly v Broncos Double Header
    * Please note there were ticket and transport options as well as transport-only options available for members for these trips

I was a 'Toowoomba Member' in 2018. What membership will I rollover in to?

All Toowoomba members will roll into a Club membership for 2019.  A Club membership entitles you to 2 x Gold tickets to a Titans home match at Cbus Super Stadium.  You will also receive 2019 member merchandise mailed directly to the address on your membership account. If you wish to choose another membership or would not like to rollover automatically, please contact the Membership Department on (07) 5656 5656 or at

I am a 4-Game, Flexi, Club or Supporter member. How do I redeem my tickets?

You redeem your tickets by allocating them yourself through your MyTitans account. The process will be made-available from February 2019 and we will communicate this to all applicable members via email. All flexible-ticketing members should use the following link with their instructions to select their seats:

Can I order paper tickets to access the venue instead of a membership card?

Yes, this can be done through your MyTitans account via the 'print at home' function.  There is no need to make this selection at the time of purchase.  Once the individual games for the 2019 season have been confirmed and loaded into the system, members will be able to log on and manage their ticketing personally on a game by game basis.

Can I order a gift certificate as I am arranging a membership as a present?

Yes. We understand that memberships are often a present and that the membership package may not arrive in time for that special occasion. If a gift certificate is required, please contact the Membership Department on 07 5656 5656 to request a gift certificate.  

NB: Please note gift certificates are not valid for entry to the venue.

How can I pay for my membership?

The following forms of payment are accepted:

Credit cards:

VISA, Mastercard and AMEX.

All credit card charges will appear on your statement as a payment to Titans Rugby League Pty. Ltd. All fees associates with Credit Card payments (1.95% for VISA, Mastercard and American Express) are incorporated into the published price of membership.

Bank, personal and company cheques and money orders: 

Please make cheques or money orders payable to GOLD COAST TITANS. All members paying by this method must write their full name and contact number on the back of cheque or money order. Please see Terms and Conditions with regards to cheque payments. 

Debit cards:  

Debit credit cards are accepted where they are backed by VISA or Mastercard. No other debit cards are accepted.

Payment plans:

Full Season and Multi-Game Members (Foundation, Titanium, Gold, Steel, Legion, Club Partner, 4-Game Reserved and Flexi pack) may choose to pay by instalments via Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Single-Game and Non-Ticketed memberships must be paid in full at the time of application, or with the first instalment if purchasing in combination with Ticketed Membership.

Applications/renewals received prior to 18 October 2018 will have a $5.00 deposit charged at the time of application/renewal of membership to confirm the credit card is entered correctly. This deposit will then be deducted from the first monthly instalment.

Applications/renewals received after 18 October 2018, will have the number of required payments deducted immediately upon receipt of application/renewal to bring them up to date with the fixed schedule. Subsequent monthly instalments will then be taken at each specified date.

Payments will be deducted in instalments on the 18th of each month (or the next business day if the 18th falls on a weekend or public holiday), beginning on 18 October 2018 via a nominated VISA, Mastercard or American Express.

Instalment dates cannot be changed, but additional payments can be made online at any time by the Member.

Direct Debit:

Members wishing to pay by Direct Debit cannot purchase online. If you would like to purchase your membership via Direct Debit, please contact the Gold Coast Titans Membership Department on 07 5656 5656.


Cash payments are accepted. Cash can only be paid at Titans HQ – Titans High Performance Centre, 76-122 Napper Road, Parkwood, QLD, 4214. Forms listing cash as the form of payment will not be accepted unless the cash is paid at the time the form is submitted.

What is a rolling renewal?

Membership will be automatically renewed into the same package(s) and seat(s) for subsequent seasons, at the updated and relevant price, using the same payments details as the previous season, unless otherwise advised. All Members paying via credit card (VISA, Mastercard or American Express) or debit card backed by VISA or Mastercard, regardless of package type or payment method (upfront or instalments), agree to be opted in for 'Rolling Renewals', facilitating automatic rollover of your membership from year to year on these terms and conditions unless varied.

Prior to this rollover, members will receive written notice via email at the members agreed email address pursuant to Condition 6.4, that details the pricing for the following season and provides a 14-day opt-out period.  During this opt-out period members may notify the Gold Coast Titans via email that they do not wish to rollover their membership (strict time-frames apply). 

How will I know my membership application has been received?

Customers who purchase online to become 2019 members will receive an email confirmation of their application. Customers without an email address need to contact the Membership Department on 07 5656 5656 for confirmation.

When will my seat(s) be allocated?

If paying by Credit Card, Bank, Personal/Company Cheque or Money Order the payment will be banked immediately upon receipt. Direct Debit and Cash payments will also be taken immediately on receipt. New member seat allocation will commence after the renewing members have been finalised. Seat allocation will be to the stipulated timetable. Any discrepancy between requested order payment amount and what is ultimately allocated will be dealt with at time of seat allocation.

Seating Allocation 

2019 members renewing their same seat as 2018 for the 2019 season will be allocated automatically.  

2018 members wanting to change seats but stay in the same seating category are advised to renew their 2018 seat to secure priority allocation in the 'Change Seat Window'. The 'Change Seat Window' will be opened after the 'Same Seat Renewal period' ends on Friday October 19. Once the 'Change Seat Window' opens, members wanting to change seats will be able to do so themselves, through their MyTitans account.

2018 members wanting to change their seating category are advised to purchase a new membership product via the 'Buy Memberships and Add-ons' button, found underneath their 2019 Membership invoice in their MyTitans account. Members will be able to select their seating in the category they have chosen at the time of purchase. Members doing this will also be able to change their seats in the 'Change Seat Window', should they wish, once the 'Same Seat Renewal window' closes on Wednesday October 17.

Existing members who purchase a new membership will retain their existing member number and loyalty status (Member tenure - e.g. 5 year - Silver Status).  

New club members for 2019 can allocate their seat at the time of purchase through their MyTitans account. Members will be able to select their seating in the category they have chosen at the time of purchase. Members doing this will also be able to change their seats in the 'Change Seat Window', should they wish, once the 'Same Seat Renewal window' closes on Wednesday October 17.

When will I receive my membership card and pack?

New member applications lodged after Monday 4th March 2019 and prior to the first home game will be processed and members will need to collect their membership cards (if time has allowed for production) or paper tickets from the ‘Titans Ticket Collects’ window at Gate D at Cbus Super Stadium to gain venue access.

Non-ticketed members: All non-ticketed member packs will be fulfilled within three weeks of your purchase commencing Monday 19th November 2018.

Please keep an eye on for more details on how to collect your merchandise packs. 

Is my membership transferable?

All ticketed membership packages are transferable.  If a member is unable to attend a home game the membership may be given to a friend/relative for use. Please be aware that entry to the stadium will be subject to the category of the membership (e.g. an adult will not be admitted with a junior membership pass). Club Membership is not transferable. 

Game-Day FAQs:

Can I use my membership card or ticket for free public transport?

Yes! You can access the free public transport to and from the venue using either your member card or ticket. You can plan your journey on game-day using the 'journey planner' on the Translink website

Is there any member-only food or drink options at the stadium?

There are full-strength beer options and member-only food at the Member's Bar (located in the North-East corner of the stadium) where there will be pre-match and half-time food, as well as pre-game player appearances and half-time prize-draws! At the food and beverage outlets there aren't any discounts for members as the stadium catering company control the food/beverage prices - however if you come to the Member's Bar you will be sure to have a great time before the game (and at half-time)!

CAN I buy additional tickets for family/friends to sit with me on the day?

Yes! It would be even better if you can organise your tickets ahead of time (during the week of the game) by calling the membership team on (07) 5656 5656. We can see what seats are available around you and if we can organise your additional tickets around your seat(s).

You can also go on to and purchase tickets online (using your member number to get a 15% discount on your tickets). 

If you're unable to arrange the tickets beforehand you can come to the Membership Ticketing Window at Gate D and you can purchase your tickets prior to kick-off.

There is someone sitting in my seat! What do I do?

If someone is sitting in your seat when you arrive at the stadium, please contact the nearest usher as it is their job to direct people to their correct seats, and move them on if they are in the incorrect seats. You are the sole owner of your seat as a member (whether you are a Full Season, Multi-Game or Single-Game member) so please ensure you contact the nearest usher if you are uncomfortable speaking to the patron yourself.

If there is a genuine issue with the patron, the usher will then refer to security or a ticketing staff member to fix the issue ASAP.

What is classed as 'General Admission' seating?

Please note if you are seated in a 'General Admission' (GA) section you do not get allocated a designated seat in that section. If you are a Legion (Full Season), Flexi-Pass or Supporter member you will be allocated a seat in a GA section. The earlier you turn-up to the game, the more choices you will have in regards to where you want to sit. If your whole group leaves your seats at half-time, you may have to select different seats upon your return.

If you have any further questions in relation to General Admission seating, please contact the Membership Department to confirm any questions that you have!